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We currently have the following pet snakes for sale. We provide free overnight shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Welcome to The Hissary, a compassionate breeding facility and reliable source for quality reptile and serpent supplies. We’re currently focused on breeding California Resided Garters (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis), Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus) and Okeetee Corns (Pantherophis guttatus) from Kathy Love’s bloodline. Because we’re as passionate at keeping serpents as we are about breeding them, our policy is to allow our female snakes to rest for a season and not reproduce every season. This allows us to experiment and introduce new species each year. Upcoming projects include Tanzanian Rufus Beak Snakes (Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus), Mexican Lake Chapala (Thamnophis eques obscures), Black Pine’s (Pituophis melanoleucus) and the South American Beauty Tri-Colored Hognose (Lystrophis Pulcher).

Pet Snakes For Sale

Pet Snakes For Sale

The Hissary prides itself in acquiring the best available bloodlines for each of our species. Whether you’re looking for a snake with bold and bright colors or a mystical serpent with a subtle keeled scales the Hissary has the right snake for you.

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Your Reptile Habitat

There’s a number of special requirements your reptile will need to live a long and healthy life. Use our recommendations to find a quality habitat for your pet snake. Every item we promote on our website can be researched on our Hissary blog. Make sure to check out our reviews.

Snake Care Manuals

Care & Instruction

Each of our snakes comes with a free instruction guide – teaching you how to care for your new pet snake. We are also available for any questions you may have before or after you buy your reptile. You snake will always be more than just a purchase from the Hissary, we care about you and your reptile.

The Hissary Mobile Education Project

Would you like a visit from The Hissary? We will be more than happy to present your school or Salt Lake City non-profit with a free educational program. Please feel free to contact us with information and a short description about your group or class. Students please note you will need permission from your school principal before contacting us.

The Hissary also places reptiles in school rooms for long-term use. We provide a snake, habitat and food for the entire school year. Please contact us (teachers only) if you’d like to experience and learn first-hand about the joy of reptile keeping. This is a wonderful way to teach your students responsibility and compassion for other living things.

How The Hissary Began

Timm Hilty explains how he got started in the sale of pet snakes.

From an early age most children are taught to fear snakes and I was no exception. Growing up on the farm in Morgan County, Missouri I was introduced to many snakes. Unfortunately Grandma Pearlie was usually taking the hoe to them in her garden or chicken coupe. To her, “The only good snake is a dead snake.”

Once when I was old enough to use the riding lawn mower (early teens) my mother saw me run across the freshly cut grass screaming “A snake! A snake!” When she met me at the porch she asked, “Where’s the lawnmower?” With a beet-red tear stained face I cried, “I don’t know.” Of course, I didn’t bother turning off the lawn mower during this particular incident. Instead, I just let it mow through the corn field beside our house. Luckily my mother was as terrified of snakes as I was, so I didn’t get into any trouble.

Throughout my teenage years I manned up and fooled around with a few gartner snakes; even chased down a blue racer or two, but never kept any as pets. On my grandfather’s farm I was taught by my dad’s father Paul to respect snakes. He wasn’t a big fan of picking them up, but for many years he had a mutual respect with a six-foot black snake that lived on the farm.  He knew the benefits of keeping the rodent population down in his barns and hay fields.

In 1989, I was living in my first apartment in Columbia, Missouri when my roommate moved out leaving me with his two year old Royal (Ball Python), Sidney. I wasn’t excited about having my first pet snake and he left her without my consent. This wasn’t like the small garters on the farm; Sydney was a killer that ate living things. It took me a month before I could pick her up without my wood cutting gloves. After I got over the initial hee bee jeebies, I grew to like her but knew she’d be better off in a more stable home. I was in my twenties and couldn’t provide for her every need.

After I found Sydney a forever home I didn’t keep another reptile for over twenty years. I revisited the idea of keeping serpents by purchasing a milk snake I named Stash. What started off as a hobby slowly developed into a passion and a dream of mine to produce baby reptiles on my own. I was in my forties, didn’t have kids and my internal clock was ticking.  When I bought my first California red sided garters (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis) I was instantly charmed by their beauty and abundant curiosity. Within six months I had my first litter. Ultimately my love for these snakes led to the creation of The Hissary.