This California red sided garter is an amazing breeding female for the HIssary. She is stunningly beautiful with high reds and several shades of blue.

Akasha (2013 Sonoma County Locale)

Akasha is out for blood. She was named after the Queen of the Damned in Anne Rice’s celebrated novel.. Most (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis) are bashful and easy by nature but this girl is a Vamp. She’s a hefty girl weighing in at over two hundred grams. Akasha is a Sonoma County locale and has deep reds and shades of cobalt and neon blue. Her first clutch brought us eleven healthy babies, four females and seven males.

She will be breeding again spring 2016. Please contact us if you’d like to be notified when she delivers. Her offspring would make great pets or breeding stock.

Sookie  (2013 Marin County Locale)

When we first received Sookie she had a bacteria infection and was not a healthy girl. She was put on oral meds and shots for over two months. The treatments were very costly but well worth our efforts. Daily we offered Sookie a warm pinky in a small porcelain crock but she declined our offers. Finally after taking her fist meal we were able to load her pinky with meds and stopped giving her shots. At the end of this long and stressful period Sookie was very used to being served a small pinky everyday. It’s not normally suggested to feed a garter everyday but it was what she needed. Sense getting her full bill of health, every night Sookie places her head in her food bowl to beg. All the extra handling has also made Sookie the most tolerant and docile snake we own. We believe her sweet nature will be a trait she passes on to your young. Sookie is a special Marin County locale. The Marin County has a brighter red quality but also possess the amazing neon blue stripe down their back. These snakes usually have an gorgeous turquoise ring around their red eyes.

Sookie is our show stopping breeder dame. She's a Marin County, California Red Sided Garter Snake with amazing red's and shades of neon blue. She's a Hissary favorite.