The Rufus Beak Snake from Tanzania is shy but endlessly curious colubrid snake from Tanzania. They come in several natural color mutations and are rear fanged venomous. Their bite is not life threatening to humans but can be quiet painful.

Rufus Beak snakes are timid yet extremely curious colubrids from the north and south eastern region of Africa. Our specimens were captive breed from the locale of Tanzania. The Rufus Beak snake is reluctant to bite but are rear-fang venomous. Even though their bite is not typically harmful to humans it can be very painful.

The Eastern Melanistic Garter is a future breeding program for the Hissary. These snakes are a silky black with a some white under their chin. These snakes make great beginner reptiles because they are easy to care for and have a mild disposition.

Eastern Melanistic Garter’s are some of the most rewarding snakes to work with. They are hearty and consistent eaters and have a very cordial disposition. There’s something mysterious and exciting about keeping a solid black snake. These beauties will stay reasonably small with the females maxing out at three and a half feet. This is a great starter snake for someone’s who’s just starting out with reptiles.

The Tri-Colored Hognose is a beautiful red, black and white randomly patterned stout snake from South America.

Tri-Colored Hognose (Lystrophis Pulcher) are one of the most colorful and rare hognose snakes available. They are found in South America and captive bred specimens are hard to come by. We are currently looking for a two captive born females. Breeders please contact us about acquiring two from your collection.   

The black pine is a silky black snake that is from the southern US. It is on the endangered species list.

November 2015 the Black Pine snake (Pituophis melanoleucus) was added to the federal Endangered Species Act . Due to loss of habitat these precious creatures are in danger of extinction. We currently have a captive born female and are looking for the perfect mate. Breeder’s please contact the Hissary if you can help us acquire one.


Eastern Fox Snake (Pantherophis gloydi) is a Hissary favorite. This extremely docile creature would prefer to eat their own tail than to bite a human. As babies they will show aggressive behavior but a bite feels like you’ve been attacked by a toothbrush. They’re amazing pattern and orange to red coloration makes them a beautiful display reptile. Even though they are not arboreal they do enjoy climbing tree limbs and being social in their habitat.

This is a Lake Chapala Garter from the Lake Chapala area located in Mexico. This garter is green, blue and brown and will get larger than it's USA counterpart.

Lake Chapala Garter Snakes (Thamnophis eques obscurus) are a unusual and rare garter only found in a small region in Mexico surrounding Lake Chapala. This is the largest fresh water lake in Mexico spanning 683 miles. These beautiful blue, green and black garters get unusually large; females maxing out at around four feet. We will be breeding a litter spring 2017.