The red-sided California garter snake is one of the most beautiful garters in the country. They have high contrasting red spots on their black cobalt sides with a neon blue stripe that extends down their back. These snakes have bright red heads and are docile by nature.

Red-Sided California Garter Males

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California Red-Sided Garters (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis) born in June and July of 2015. One of our males would make exceptional pet or sire for a breeding project.

Male/Female unrelated combo’s available upon request. Save $50.00 when buying a pair.

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We currently have a wonderful selection of male California Red-Sided Garters (Thamnophis sirtalis infernalis) born in June and July of 2015. These were produced by a Sanoma County male and female. Sanoma County’s are known for the high contrasting red and dark black cobalt sides with a bright neon blue stripe down it’s back. These babies are stunning now and will become even more beautiful as they age. We start our new borns off by feeding them live guppies and danios feeder fish, gradually introducing them to chopped pinky mice. We never feed gold fish which are loaded with parasitics. Before we sell any of our red-sided babies they’re eating a variety of frozen thawed chopped pinky mice and live earthworms.  This diet will guarantee your pet will have a long and healthy life.

Males usually stay under three feet most maxing out at two and a half feet. Females usually get between three and three and a half feet. These are wonderful beginner snakes and can be quiet rewarding as pets.

Even though most young herper’s start out catching and keeping garter snakes the majority of them don’t know that garter snakes are technically classified as a rear-fang venomous species. This does not mean garters are dangerous, only a rare few are allergic to their bite and usually is less threatening than a bee sting. Read more about rear-fang venomous here on our gallery blog.

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2 reviews for Red-Sided California Garter Males

  1. 4 out of 5


    Thank you Timm and Eric for the amazing reverse trio. Your colors are killer and I would highly recommend your infernalis and Lake Chapela’s when they are available.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Garter snakes are so underrated and your california reds are exceptional. I’m saving up for my female next spring. Please let me know if you have any sales.

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