This images is of a juvenile Western Hognose Snake. The Western Hognose has beautiful, variated, keeled scales that are the color of creamed coffee to light beige. This creature is a rear fanged venomous snake that is found in the western United States.

Western Hognose

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The Hissary’s Western Hognose are one of the most entertaining species we work with. Usually hissy, this snake will often puff up and lunge towards you but don’t be fooled. The Western Hognose can be puppy dog sweet, especially if you raise them from babies.  Their hiss, unusual pattern and keeled scales will often mislead uneducated people into killing Hognose’s by thinking they are rattlesnakes. More often than not the Western Hognose will fake strike at you attempting to scare you away. The Western Hognose is classified as a rear fang venomous snake but don’t let that scare you away. They have no fangs to inject poison into your body. They must effectively chew on you with their back teeth before you can be seriously injured. Most people are un effected by their bite but there are still a few who are allergic making it’s bite very dangerous.


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